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At M•CAM®, we see value where others don’t think to look. By confirming the quality of intangible assets—including intellectual property—and measuring their commercial effect across the globe, M•CAM® ETFs offer transparent investment solutions derived from the application of artificial intelligence to innovation data. Our ETFs seek to deliver exposure to what is ordinarily opaque to financial markets: the inventions that power the economy.

The Operating System of the Knowledge Economy

Performance data quoted represents past performance; past performance is not an indication of future results. Index performance is not illustrative of fund performance. Indexes are not an investment vehicle. The funds are new and have no performance history. Once available, please call +1 434 979 7240 for fund performance. From inception (10/26/16) through 9/30/18, the Innovation Alpha United States Index was known as the CNBC IQ 100 Index. From October 26 2016 until March 31 2019, the CNBC IQ100 and Innovation a® United States Index has returned 37.77%.


INAU seeks to track the Innovation α® United States Index [Solactive:INAUP], which is powered by Innovation α®, a proprietary algorithm developed by M•CAM® that also powered the CNBC IQ 100 Index. Innovation α® United States Index [Solactive:INAUP] seeks to provide exposure to large- and mid-cap companies in the United States with an innovation advantage based on their ability to invest in, develop, control, and successfully deploy intellectual property.

INAG seeks to track the Innovation α® Global Index [Solactive:INAGP], which is powered by Innovation α®, a proprietary algorithm developed by M•CAM® that also powered the CNBC IQ 100 Index. Innovation α® Global Index [Solactive:INAGP] seeks to provide exposure to large- and mid-cap companies in developed markets with an innovation advantage due to valuable intangible assets including intellectual property.

TWAR seeks to track the Martin Global Innovation Equity (MGIE) Trade War Index  [Solactive:TWARP], which seeks to provide exposure to innovation-rich companies with state-sponsored patronage that have the potential to benefit from trade wars based on their governmental sponsorship or partnerships.

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